The RF boards convert the 5G waveforms to the required frequency (spectrum), amplify them and then transmit through the antenna. The RF has stringent specifications that have to be met for both transmission and reception. The RF boards are designed, simulated in house. While these RF frontends are currently build for 3.5 GHz, these RF frontends are modular and can be changed to other frequencies. One of the challenge is to handle the higher output power, coupled with the large number of antenna

The RF boards are the core part of the Remote Radio Head( RRH).    The RF team designs RF systems for FR1(n78) and FR2(n258) bands.   We work on the RF system which involves simulation and developing  of RF boards which are compact, thermally efficient and 5G NR standard compliant.

The design is given for fabrication and assembly , post which the RF boards are tested. The boards will be debugged, corrected and then integrated with the entire RRH system

AFE board